I'll Never Break Your Heart

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I'll Never Break Your Heart Empty I'll Never Break Your Heart

Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Sun Jun 08, 2008 6:23 pm

I'll Never Break Your Heart
Birth- June 8th 2008
Death- N/A
Song-I'll Never Break Your Heart
By- The Backstreet Boys
Album- The Backstreet Boys

I sat in my room thinking why does this always happen to me. Im an 18 year old girl trying to find love in all the wrong places. This is the story of Megan Smith.

Megam- Ebony

Ebony- Again man Car and I will be there in a few

Megan- Carnell

Carnell- Bring P right

Megan- Please

Patrick- Who was it this time

Megan- Anthony

Patrick- Collins

Megan- Yeah why

Patrick- Hes always been a player Megan

Reauna- Megan Aundrea Smith

Reauna Brianna Smith my sister was always there for me and when she knew she was right about something shed use my middle name better yet my full name

Megan- Yeah Re-Bri

Reauna- You need a break from guys

Megan- But my best friend besides Ebony is Pat

Reauna- You know what i mean

A few months later it was my birthday and the BSB's were there. They sang all my favorite song including "I'll Never Break Your Heart". During that song Patrick told me he loved me more than just a friend. I got closer to him so he would be the only one to hear me.

Megan- I love you too but I wanna take it slow is that cool

Patrick- Yeah thats fine

The last couple of months at school Patrick and I became even closer it was a different feeling I had with him. On the last day of school he kissed me for the first time without Re-Bri around thank god lol sorry Re but Ebony was there.

Patrick- Drea

Megan- Yeah

Patrick- Will you be my girlfriend

Ebony- Finally

Megan- Yes I will

To Be Continued......

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I'll Never Break Your Heart Empty Re: I'll Never Break Your Heart

Post  carnell#1babygurl4lyfe on Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:46 pm

Yes thnk u but bmps sis Very Happy


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