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Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Fri Jun 20, 2008 7:16 pm

I looked at Ebony Reauna Rokisha Kelsey and Shatara these girls were and are like sisters to me when D my boyfriend cheated on me they were the first to know. See life for me was always hard I never got the nice guys that I wanted. I was always soft spoken with guys I have no idea why but I was until I met Kelly Breeding he showed me that I could love someone so much you never want to loose them. He was the person to change my life and to think we met at school when I first moved to A- Town see my dad is L.A. Reed yes Arron Reed is my brother. But I was adopted by the Reed's last year so its still a new family to me.

Aaron is always on my case about meeting new people so when I got to school I met my girls and The Breedings. Dustin knows I like Kelly I just know it so what am I supposed to do.

Ebony- Chic just tell Kelly

Reauna- Yeah Aaron's on your case again and Kelly likes you too he told me

Megan- Really

Kelly Came up behind me

Kelly- Really I do Megan alot

Megan- Damn why didn't you tell me I dated Danny for no reason

Kelly- I thought it was to piss me off

Megan- Well kinda

Aaron- Ray we gotta bounce dad wants us home

Kelly- You know my number call me alright

Megan- Yeah dont worry

Kelly kissed my cheek before letting me go

Aaron- What was that

Megan- To be honest I have no idea but I can't wait to find out

Aaron- Oh really get it sis seriously

Megan- Aaron its not like that just yet so cool it

Aaron- Okay what ever but if I see you two kiss in the halls I'll know whats up

Megan- Yeah

Kelly called my cell phone just then

Kelly- Hey Ray what are you doin tonight

Megan- Nothin that I know of why

Kelly- Do you wanna hang out tonight

Megan- Sure what time and where

Kelly- How about we meet up at the mall at 7:00

Megan- Okay

Kelly- Cya then

Megan- Alright see you later

Kelly- Bye

Megan- Bye

Aaron- Got plans tonight

Megan- Yup

Aaron- With

Megan- Kelly

Aaron- Get it is all I'm gonna say

We got home a few minutes later

L.A.- Hey kids

Megan- Daddy I got plans at 7:00

L.A.- With who

Megan- Kelly

L..A.- Breeding

Megan- Yes

L.A.- This will be quick Megan you have your license right

Megan- I got yesterday

L.A.- Well go to the garage you might see a car with your name on it

Megan- Thanks daddy

I went to check it out and screamed

L.A.- My princess happy

Megan- Yes very

L.A.- Now go get ready to hang out with Kelly you don't wanna be late

Megan- Thanks Mom

Mrs Reed- Yes baby doll

Megan- I need help I'm hang with Kelly tonight and needhelp picking out an outfit

Mrs Reed- Alright

Megan- Thanks

Mrs Reed- The red BeBe dress and red pumps to match

Megan- Alright hair up or down

Mrs Reed- Up

Megan- Make-Up no make up

Mrs Reed- No make up your skin is flawless you know that

Megan- True

I got to the mall at 7:00 exactly and he arrived looking good enough to eat for real

Kelly- Damn babygirl you look amazing

Megan- Thanks so do you

Kelly- Really you think so

Megan- Kelly quit playing with me man damn

Kelly- Okay so you wanna catch a movie

Megan- I guess whats playin

Kelly- Love & Basketball

Megan- Quincy and Monica look so cute together

Kelly- So do we

Megan- Kelly I like you but I just got out of a relationship

Kelly- I know I wanna show you that I am the guy you can count on Ms Reed

Megan- Why Mr Breeding that was sweet are you sure you can handle me

Kelly- I'm positive I can Megan I'n not saying we start something now I'm saying we can take it as slow as you want

Megan- Thanks Kelly

I gave him a kiss on his cheek and he held my hand as the movie began

We were like that for a year and two months he asked me to be his girl on Valentines Day

Megan- Kelly baby

Kelly- Yes Megan Ray

We've been dating for six months so it was August now

Megan- I love you

Kelly was elated I've never seen him so happy before.

Kelly- I love you too babygirl for real

His braid was loose so I sat beind him and fixed it

My legs were around his and he massaged my feet ooo we did I need that

After I was done I got my feet back and came around him to sit on his lap

Kelly- Thanks baby

Megan- For

Kelly- Fixin my braid

Megan- No problem thanks for the foot massage

Kelly- Baby anytime

Aaron- Megan I'm home

Megan- Okay I'm in the living room with Kel

Aaron- How cute you guys damn its been six months already

Kelly- I know right she's a sucka for love

Megan- No I'm not I'm a sucka for your kisses though

Kelly- Thats true babygirl you are a sucka for love and my kisses

Megan- Man Kelly I love you

Kelly- I love you too my love

We've never even had sex but I'm getting to the point where I want it and need it both

But I don't wanna rush a special thing so I'll wait for him to come to me

On our first year anniversary

He got me a bear roses tulips and chocolates how sweet he's such a hopeless romantic

To find out happens that night check out the next chapter coming soon.

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Post  carnell#1babygurl4lyfe on Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:03 pm

bumps sis Very Happy


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Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:16 pm

That night we went back to the Breedings and had dinner he was getting nerous for some reason and I wanted to know why he never gets this nervous ever so I wonder whats up

Megan- Baby whats wrong

Kelly- Nothing everything is perfect why

Megan- Cuz you're getting nervous on me and usually you're calm cool and collected

Kelly- Baby its just that I love you a lot and I wanna show you how much I do care but I don't know how

Megan- Lets get out of here

Kelly- Where to

Megan- I don't know and I don't care I just wanna be with you

Kelly- My bedroom

Megan- Lets go

Kelly- You sure

Megan- Look Kelly you've changed my outlook on life you're the reason I get my ass out of bed each morning I love you more than you would know now can we please just go

Kelly- Baby I never knew that

Megan- Thats because I was scared to tell you

Kelly- Why

Megan- I don't know to be honest I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you I know that much

He took my hand and led the way to his room even though we've come close to having sex we never have Aaron always calls me and tells me to get my ass home but not tonight I turned it off I told my dad I'd be spending the night at Kelly's so I was safe from him but Aaron oh man he is very over protective and I'm older than him damn it.

I turned it off in front of Kelly and put it beside his. We played around for an hour or so it would be my first time and he wanted to take it slow he was down to boxers and I was down to my bra and boyshorts I let him unhook my bra as I played with his dick which was kinda hard cuz he still had his boxers on.

Kelly- Baby you sure you wanna

Megan- Damn Kelly just come on we dont have all night

He started debating which breast to work on first I never knew that it was that hard to choose damn but he started on my right and massaged my left then gave it the much needed attention. When I opened my mouth he put his tongue in because a moan was about to escape my mouth. He let me takeoff his boxers and he took off my boyshorts. He got a condom and put it on and slid his way in. We started kissing and touching eachother. By the next morning I said to myself Damn that was amazing so need to do it again.

Kelly- Good morning baby

He said kissing my lips

Megan- Good morning

Kelly- Well how does it feel

Megan- A little weird but hey I don't mind at all I'd do it all over again if I could

Kelly - You know we can anytime now

Megan- Yeah let this one sink in before we do it again

Kelly- You got it

He left to go get ready for school so I got dressed

Kelly- Baby I think you might want this

Megan- Oh my god Kelly thats so cute

Kelly- I thought you'd like it now get dressed sexy so we can go to school

Ebony came up to me and asked

Ebony- What did you do with Kelly last night

Megan- Nothing

Kelsey- Bullshit your walk is different

Reauna- You didn't have sex did you

Megan- Maybe maybe not

Kelly- Hey sexy

Megan- Hey yourself sexy

Kelly- So what's up

Megan- They know

Kelly- Shit

Aaron- Sis

Megan- Damn

Aaron- Where were you last night

Megan- Mom and Dad both knew where I was

Aaron- Prove it

Megan- Alright

I called mom since dad was working

Megan- Hey mom where was I last night

Mrs Reed- With Kelly

Aaron- Then why didn't you answer your phone at curfew

Megan- First of all Aaron I'm 18 you're not the boss of me second dad said I could spend the night and third my phone was off

Shatara- Yup they fucked

Megan- You don't know that

Dustin came over just then

Dustin- Then why did I see you in a brand new outfit

Megan- Kelly got it for me he knows what designers I like damn people

See what happens next in No One Else

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Post  Carnellz_BabyGurl. on Fri Jun 20, 2008 11:37 pm


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Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Sat Jun 21, 2008 4:16 am

A few years later we were still together but something was up we went to dinner candles lit in every corner of the table he pulled me close to him and kissed me.

Megan- What was that for

Kelly- I haven't kissed you in a while and I know I haven't

Megan- Yeah

Kelly- But I wanna be able to kiss you when ever I want

Megan- Meaning

Kelly- I love you more than anything

Megan- I love you more than anything too but when you don't kiss me for like a week it does make me feel loved

Kelly- Awww baby I'm so sorry I've been working so much with my brothers lately I guess we haven't had time to ourselves in a while

Megan- We haven't done anything in a month and we haven't done anything horny sine our first year anniversary do you know how long I've held this all in

Kelly- A long time why didn't you tell me babe

Megan- Cuz you would say Ray I'm working I know it

Kelly- Man you got the voice down don't you

Megan- Yes

I wanna show you how I feel I'll tell you tell you what's really goin on under here love is radiating feelings are becoming clear it's hard to catch my breathe so I swispper in you ear and when you're mad at me I'll do things for you romantically cuz happily ever after is what I'd rather be your what I need my baby drives me so crazy we're in love-Kelly B

Kelly- So you forgive me

Megan- Maybe

He kissed me again deeply this time I put my arms around his neck then fell into his arms

Megan- Wow you are sorry

Kelly- Yeah baby I am

Megan- Okay okay I give in you're forgiven a little but not completely

Kelly- But

Megan- No baby no buts

At my house everything was pretty much the same except rose petals leading to the living room and more leading to my room he had something up his sleeve

Kelly guided me to the couch and got down on one knee and said

Kelly- Baby the reason I've waited so long for your second time is because I wanted it to be even more special than the first I love you Megan Renee Reed with all of my heart and all of my soul and I want to spend the rest of my life with you will you marry me Megan

Megan- You had me wait for a while but I totally understand why and yes I will Kelly

He picked me up carried me to his car and put me in the passenger seat

Megan- Baby where are we going

Kelly- I moved out of the house and I've been moving you out of yours I'm taking you to the new house I bought for us

Megan- Does it have room for kids

Kelly- Yes baby it does trust me on that it does

Megan- Okay babe

We got to the house my car was already there I've been wondering where its been for a week man hes very sneaky but I love him to death

When we went in I was in shock its got a good blend of me and him in the house thank god he and I have similar tastes

We went to the bedroom I got on the bed and took of my jacket well his jacket but he gave it to me when it didn't fit him anymore

Megan- How long have you lived here

Kelly- About a month I wanted to surprise you when I proposed

Megan- I love it

Kelly- More than this

He kissed my lips I helped him take off his jacket

It took me a good five seconds to take off my blouse he carressed my body for a good 30 minutes before I unbuckled his belt and let his jeans fall to the floor. He took off his shirt and exsposed is abs I got to kiss them lick them anything I wanted before he sat up and unhooked my bra. I unbuttoned my jeans to exsposed my boyshorts.

Kelly- Baby you really wanna

Megan- Shh

He moved a little so he could get on top of me kissing and licking my neck as he moved down to my breasts I knew he'd take a while to decide on which side to work on

He took off his boxers and I took off my boyshorts

Kelly- I can't choose

Megan- Baby do I have to choose for you

I said with a laugh

Kelly- Would you

Megan- The left you did the right first last time

Kelly- Only you would remember that far back baby but thats why I love you

Okay so we broke the new bed in yay hopefully he doesn't make me wait til the day we get married to get some but if he does thats cool

A year later we were married and I was happy because I was now a Breeding

L.A.- Take care of her

Kelly- Don't worry I will

Man I still can't believe the kiss at the alter it was amazing I never knew he would kiss me like that

Megan- Daddy don't worry I'll be fine

Aaron- You better be

Megan- Aaron shut up I know you love me but damn little brother you are annoying

I walked off in tears and Kelly followed me

Kelly- Baby you okay

Megan- No I'm just ready for the honeymoon

Kelly- Aaron's just being his usual self babe don't let him ruin your wedding day and me to my stick is hard as a rock seeing you in that

I cracked up laughing but I knew he was serious

Megan- Baby you can wait can't you

Kelly- Well I guess I can

Megan- Hey its okay we havent done it in a year I know how you feel completely but now that we're married we are so doing it more often I cant take the only doing it once a damn year thing its driving me insane

Kelly- Well I don't want an insane wife now do I so yes baby we will I promise

Megan- Pinky promise

Kelly- Pinky promise

Megan- I mean business with these so if you break it oh my god its so on

Kelly- So do I I love you sweetie I would never wanna make you cry like I did the night I proposed

Megan- Before you proposed I know and I know you do and I love you too so where are we going on our honeymoon

Kelly- Italy,France and Rome

Megan- Yay sounds like 3 weeks off

Kelly- 4 we're staying in Rome for two weeks

See what happens next in No One Else

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Post  Carnellz_lil Princess16 on Mon Jul 21, 2008 1:55 am

This is Good Bump
Carnellz_lil Princess16
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