Step Up- The Love Story

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Step Up- The Love Story Empty Step Up- The Love Story

Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Thu Jul 17, 2008 4:48 am

Step Up- The Love Story

Megan- Mom we have visitors

Adrian- Hey can we come in

Megan- Sure Ms B come on in

Dustin- Fan huh

Megan- Yeah

Lena[Mom]- Your cd player is still on

Megan- Shit

Lena- Watch your mouth young lady

Megan- Yes ma'am

I bet your wondering where I am well my mom and dad just split and they have joint custody of me. My dad lives in Ny and my mom lives in Ga so two new schools yay. Not! I love them both but this shit is hard.

Dustin- Did your parents get divorced

Megan- Yes my dad lives in Ny

Kelly- This has got to be hard on you I know when ours split it was hard on all of us

Bryan- Especially me

Megan- Of course it would hurt you the most your the baby

Bryan- True

About a month later they were my bestfriends and I went to Ny

Patrick- Call us when you get there

Megan- Patrick I'm gonna be gone for a month that's all okay so don't get a girl when I'm gone and break up with her when I come back I know you okay

Patrick- Okay don't be getting a boyfriend then

Megan- Alright I won't

In Ny I met up with my dad

Jay[Dad]- Hey baby

Megan- Who is she

Stacey[Dad's girlfriend]- I'm Stacey

Megan- My god dad the divorce isn't even final

Jay- Megan hear me out

Megan- Whatever

I called Patrick when I got to his apartment building

Megan- I'm in hell he has a girlfriend

Patrick- Aw Ray it's gonna be okay

Megan- I wanna come back home

Patrick- Want me to tell her

Megan- No because I want stay with him but I don't wanna be uncomfortable either I'm so confused here I need help

Dustin- Is that her

Patrick- Yeah

Megan- Put me on speaker and Dustin go get your brothers please

Patrick- Ray it's gonna be okay a month will go by fast

Megan- I hope so

Jay- Megan

Megan- Yeah dad

Jay- Can we talk

Megan- I'm kinda on the phone hang on

Patrick- Call back alright

Megan- You got it

Jay- Thanks for doing that

Megan- You don't deserve it but okay

Jay- Megan I love you

Megan- I know that dad but a month after you and mom split you have a girlfriend that's just wrong and don't even dare try telling me I'm over reacting cuz I know I'm not

Jay- Stacey isn't my girlfriend she's my wife

Megan- What the hell dad is she the chic you were creaping with

Jay- Yes

Megan- Oh my god dad

I called Patrick and my mom was there this time

Megan- He's already remarried

Lena- I know

Megan- You knew and didn't tell me

Lena- He said he wanted to surprise you I am really sorry

Megan- Its okay Patrick

Patrick- I'll call you everyday I promise

Megan- Thanks

Stacey- Megan

Megan- Oh great

Patrick- I'll talk to you later sweetie

Megan- Alright bye P

Patrick- Bye Ray

Megan- Come in

Stacey- I know everything came as a shock to you

Megan- You think

Jay- Be nice

Megan- Whatever

At school the next day

?- Hi I'm Bre

Megan- Megan

Bre- So you a B5 fan too

Megan- Yeah and I'm friends with them

Bre- No way

I got my cell out to show her the pics

Bre- Damn that's all of their house there

Megan- Yeah Pat's my bestfriend though

Bre- I like Kelly

Megan- What Pat doesn't know is I love him

Bre- Girl tell him

At the apartment

Megan- Dad Stacey

Both- Yeah

Megan- This is Bre Bre this is my dad Jay and my step-mom Stacey

Bre- Nice to meet you both

I called Dustin

Dustin- Hey girly how was school

Megan- I met a friend/B5 fan

Dustin- Seriously

Megan- Yeah

Dustin- Cool hey I gotta question

Megan- Shoot

Dustin- Do you love Patrick

Megan- Yes

Dustin- Are you scared to tell him

Megan- Yeah cuz of my parental situation

Dustin- Ray he loves you too for real he can't stop saying I miss her

Megan- Take the phone to him please

Dustin- He's right here

Patrick- Man I was wondering when you'd call

Megan- Sorry I just got home I was at a friends house

Bre- Girl tell him before I do it for you

Megan- Bre if you do I'll tell Kelly when I get back

Bre- Shit

Patrick- Tell me what

Megan- I love you Patrick and I miss you like crazy hell I'm going crazy over here just thinking about you

Patrick- I love you and miss you like crazy too seriously

Bre- She did it

Megan- I swear Bre

Bre- You know you love me girl

Dustin- He's gonna be calling you so I better go

Megan- Okay thanks D

Dustin- No problem

We hung up and Patrick called me a few moments later

Patrick- Hey Ray

Megan- Hey Pat

Patrick- So when you get back I got something to ask

Megan- Alright but I already know my answer

Patrick- So you'll be my girl

Megan- Yeah duh

Patrick- Well I know it was a short convo but you gotta go to bed and so do I so I'll call you tomorrow morning

Megan- Alright bye baby

Patrick- Bye love you

Megan- Love you too

3 weeks later I had to get back to Atlanta to see my momma and boo

Megan- Patrick

Patrick- Baby

Lena- Hey baby

Megan- Hey momma

When we got home Patrick and I went to my room

Patrick- I missed you like crazy baby you have no idea

Megan- I know I missed you too a lot

We kissed and then my phone rang it was Bre

Bre- Hey girl hey

Megan- Hey girl hey

Bre- Bad timing right

Megan- Yeah

Bre- Sorry kissing making out which one

Megan- Making out

Bre- Alright call me later alright

Megan- Yeah

Patrick- Bre huh

Megan- Yeah

I was in Ny again

Patrick- Baby I love you

Megan- I love you too don't flirt or anything okay

Dustin- He won't he loves you Megan

Patrick- Baby I promise I won't

To Be Continued....

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Step Up- The Love Story Empty Re: Step Up- The Love Story

Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Fri Jul 18, 2008 2:08 am

Jay- Megan dinner

Patrick- Baby don't go

Stacey- Megan Lenae Jackson lets go

Megan- I don't wanna hang up but I have to go I'll call you later

A few weeks later I told my mom what happend and we went to Ny so she could get complete custody of me

Judge- Okay Megan do you really want to Live in Georgia full time

Megan- Yes I'll go to Ny on breaks but that's it I'm sick of her trying to boss me around she aint my momma she can't use my full name on me like she did

Jay- Stacey you didn't

Megan- Dad did you know she's a stripper

Jay- What

Megan- Me and Bre followed her to a Strip Joint down the block

Stacey- She's lying

Megan- Here's my evidence

Judge- Mr Jackson take a look

Jay- You whore you drifted myself and my daughter apart I'm done

Stacey- Whatever I was cheating on you anyway

Judge- Well now that's taken place do you want to continue the arrangement we have

Megan- I have a boyfriend in Ga its really taken a toll on him and me both dad I'm sorry but I just can't

Jay- I understand

When we got home

Patrick- Baby how did it go

Megan- I'm only going to Ny on vacations

I got a call from Bre that night

Bre- My dad moved out

Megan- Seriously

Bre- Yeah and we're moving to Ga

Megan- Good cuz I would have missed you

Bre- What

Megan- I'm only going to Ny on breaks

Bre- Oh and turn around

Megan- Oh my god Bre this Patrick vise versa

Patrick- Nice to meet you

Bre- He's sexier in person

Megan- He's mine so back off

Patrick- Baby she aint my type anyway I love you too much to cheat on you

Kelly- Gag fest

Bre- Tell me about it

Megan- Bre go now

Bre- But I'm beat

Megan- On his lap damn

To Be continued.....

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Step Up- The Love Story Empty Re: Step Up- The Love Story

Post  Carnellz_lil Princess16 on Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:10 am

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Step Up- The Love Story Empty Re: Step Up- The Love Story

Post  carnell#1babygurl4lyfe on Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:10 pm

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Step Up- The Love Story Empty Re: Step Up- The Love Story

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