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Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:49 pm

In school I wondered if my besties and I won the contest

When I got home Jim was there

Jim- Megan

Megan- Yes

Jim- I'm Jim B5's manager

Megan- Yeah I knew that

Jim- Well you and your friends have won the contest Dustin and Kelly are upstairs with outfits for the 3 of you

I called Re

Reauna- Shorty say what

Jim- She just called you shorty

Megan- I sware to god you C-Nellz loving freak just get here now and call Ro

Reauna- Alright gosh

I went upstairs to find them in the computer room

Megan- Hey dad boys

Kelly- Damn

Re and Ro got to the house with in 5 minutes

Rokisha- My god Ray

Megan- I know I know

Rokisha- I know back off I would but

Megan- Uh you know that could be arranged

Rokisha- You wouldn't dare

Kelly- What

Megan- Well she and I both have a crush on you but she knows I have lets say issues with jealousy so

Rokisha- And Myles is sexier than Kelly anyway

Megan- Hell naw I know you didn't

Reauna was just sittin back watching us

Kelly- I know you aint gonna let her talk like that in your house with me here

Dustin- Call My Kelly

Megan- Where's Neezy

Dustin- Why

Megan- Chreapy 2 over here

Reauna- Ay I aint done nothing

Dustin- But you might

Carnell came in and the room got queit

Reauna- What

Megan- Nothing

Reauna- Megan Ray

Megan- Girl you better run

Kelly- Hey Ray is she worth it

Megan- She's a BGA she knows I hate being called that

Dad- Meggie Ray

Megan- Aw dad why

Kelly- So what's your middle name Megan

Megan- Renee

Kelly- Lets get you calm come on

To Be COntinued....

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Post  meganmyxxb5fan on Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:39 am

So when the girls and I got dressed we left with the boys for dinner and a movie Dustin was the shaparone haha. We laughed at him for it too. Shatara was with Bryan Reauna was with Carnell obviously and I was with Kelly. They called Myles and Rokisha was with him. After that day we talked constantly with the boys and when Kelly's birthday came around I drove to Ga.

Dustin- Hey Ray he's in here

Dustin said with a happy face

Megan- So why are you sad Kelly Allen

Kelly- Because wait Megan

Megan- Yeah

Kelly picked me up and spun me around

Kelly- What are you doing here

Megan- Happy Brithday Kelly

Kelly- You drove 6 hours just for my birthday

Megan- That's what I do man don't you get it

Kelly- Get what

Dustin- Kelly she loves you

Megan- Dustin Micheal Breeding I sware to all that is mighty your face won't be pretty when I'm done with it

Kelly- Get back here Megan Renee Edwards

Megan- Yes sir gosh

Then he kissed me and all the stress from Dustin went buh bye

Kelly- I love you too I just didn't know how to tell you

Megan- I think you just did

Kelly- Yeah come on you gotta be tired mom won't mind if you stay with me

Megan- Okay

We went to his room I got ready for bed and he did the same. He got the remote to his 50'' widescreen tv and turned it on.

Kelly- 106 is on

Megan- So is MTB4 lets flip back and forth on breaks

Kelly- Okay that sounds good to me

Adrian came home a couple hours later to see my car in the driveway

Kelly- Let me go tell mom your here

Megan- Babe my car prolly gave it away

Kelly- True but its better to tell her

Adrian- Is she here

Megan- Yeah right here

Adrian- Kelly

Kelly- We're just watch tv

Megan- 106 is back on

Kelly- See

Adrian- Keep it that way for awhile

Kelly- I will ma

Adrian- Good don't stay up too much later

Kelly- Yes mom

Megan- Kelly

Kelly- What

Megan- Don't take that tone with your mother

Kelly- Okay your right sorry mom

Adrian- Keep her I like her

To Be Continued.....

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Post  Undacovab5lover on Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:40 pm

Bumpies sis MEGAN i really need you 2 get on the other forum in make sure you tell DIANA..Ebony...Taylor....Erica..And everyone else ... that im sorry I havent been bumping latley but my computer is taking a turn for the worse in We cant get it fix and im really sorry i cant get on I WISh I could BUT THIS DA*N COMPUTER IS MESSING ON MY FREAKY WAYS GOSH!!


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