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In my mind it was normal for me. To suck the fresh blood out of an innocent girl. I would watch as their eyes would turn from that pretty brown or hazel filled with life, to gray an empty with death. I loved it. It would make me stronger and stronger until I didn't even have to try anymore. They would just come to me like a drug. That's what we ALL were a drug. I didn't know that oustside my mind we were freaks of nature. Something NOT to be stepped to. All them niggas would stare as their girls would just look into our eyes and be over powered.

They would never been seen again.But then again it was only in my mind.

Chapter 1.

After leaving Seattle, the girl with the 'Contagious' body spray stayed with me. Her dark brown eyes, her smooth carmel skin. Her long brown hair. Her smooth flawless neck. I licked my lips still stained with sweet taste of her warm blood. It brought a smile to my face. Her last moments were looking up into my eyes. As my teeth removed the of life from her neck.

We were now in Jersey. I stood outside our new house. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, backyard, pool, basement, attic. The works. That didn't at all interest me. I was scanning the house next to, and across from ours. Trying to smell that fresh flowing blood of a girl. For a minute I thought I could smell it,but then it vanished from me. I could feel my fangs grow with anger. I was hungary and hungary now. I ran my tounge over my fangs,retracting them back in.

"Damn." I said to myself.
"Aye yo Carnell." I turned around to see Dustin running toward me. The oldest of us, and the smartest. He knew how to lour any girl to the right place. Where her screams couldn't be heard. He knew how to do sothat each of us could take a turn sucking out her blood.
"You smell anything?" He asked referring to the fresh young scent of blood.
"I thought I did. But it was only in my mind. This town is lacking, Dustin."

I told him. He smirked as he pushed me to the side. He closed his eyes, and rolled his neck back.
"Watch and learn bro." He picked up his hand and pointed to a house diagnaliy across the street from ours.

"Female, Cuban, 16, Brown eyes, Black Hair, a belly ring,and she's B positive."

He said.

"How did you--"
"She's in the shower.Now hush." He pointed again to a blue house at the end of the block.
"Female, Hatian, 18, Short Brown Hair, Brown eyes, Coco brown skin, O neg."

I could feel my fangs tingle at the sound of O negative blood. That was my favorite. The rarest of all blood types. It was a delicacy to me.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. From what I can sense this town if flowing with girls. And they all just waiting for us."

He smiled and I nodded. I just need to get some bad.

"The Cuban is home alone." He said as he walked past me.I smiled. My fangs were dancing now. When I would have a strong urge, they would just come out. I needed to control it.

"Yo, Dustin. I'll be back in a few."I said stepping off the curb to across the street.

"Do your thang, Nell." I rubbed my hands together, licking my fangs. Her scent was growing stronger. She had just gotten out the shower. Dripping wet.It just made me go crazy.

I stepped onto her porch,and rang the doorbell.I hid my fangs just like cake. I could smell her coming to the door. God she smelled so good.As the door knob turned I tried to think up the best way to get in her house, and in her neck.
As the door creaked open the first thing I looked at was her neck. I could feel the blood pulsating through it. It was teasing me to come and get a taste.
"Hello, can I help you?" She had an accent. Cute. Her cut off robe showing me her toned legs. I tried to contain myself
"Hi, um yes," I said turning my attention to her eyes. "We just moved across the street.My name is Ricky." I said making up a quick lie.
"Ok, my name is Anita. What can I do for you Mr.Ricky." I could tell he liked what I had. She didn't even look into my eyes yet. The way she licked her lips,and looked at me up and down was enough.

"I was wondering if you had a rake. My mom wants to get some yard work done. "

"Yeah come on in." SHe looked into my eyes and automatically. I had her. Her eyes stayed still and didnt show any emotion.She grabbed my hand. We didn't even bother with rake. She just took me up to her bedroom.

I let down my fangs as we walked up the stairs. Her temperature was rising. Maybe I'll do her a favor before I leave.

We went up to her room. It was painted yellow, and white.A cuban flag was posted up on her ceiling.Pride in her country now that was sexy.

She closed her blinds and curtains.And turned to me as sh eun did her robe.She let it drop to her feet, as my eyes examined her pink lingere. My teenage horomones were getting in the way. It happens sometimes with girls that were under our spell.

She walked over to me like a model. Wrapping her arms around my neck, pulling me into a kiss.I sunk my teeth into her bottom lips sucking the blood out. It was delicious. I needed to have more. She pulled away, blood dripping down the sides of her mouth.I licked my lips. AB was right. She was flowing with it.

I grabbed her and threw her on her bed. She moved back onto toward the head board. Here is where my true form would show. I let down my fangs fully. My eyes glowing red to make sure she stayed still. I climbed ontop of her not breaking eye contact. She wrapped her arms around my neck again.

I smiled. I took my tounge licking around her neck,, the top of her breast, and cheeks.

"You taste good ma." I said in her ear before sinking my teeth in her neck. Right at her 'spot' where the pulse was. She let out faint moans and gasps as I sucked her blood out. It dripped out onto her shoulders.I watched as it fell onto my hands and finger tips. Her warm delicious blood.

I removed my teeth from her lifeless body.Looking into her gray eyes relizing the deed was done here. I licked my fingers where traces of blood still leaked down.I went over to the mirror, realizing I got a little messy with it. Blood stains were all over my gray tee shirt, and all over my teeth and lips.

I looked at her body through the mirror and smiled. As she lay there looking up at the ceiling, not knowing what was going on.I would have liked to do somethings to her.

I left the same way I got in. No one seeing a thing. I was smiling all the way there.

When I stepped in the house who else but Patrick, Kelly, and Bryan come into my business.
"We sensed it." Kelly said.
"Was she good?"Bryan asked.

"Yeah she was pretty good. Sexy young thang too."

"Told you." Dustin said sitting in the living room playing Need for Speed.
"Yeah." I jogged upstairs taking off my bloody shirt. I glanced at it, and it burned into ashes and vanished in the wind.

"Like cake." I said aloud to myself.

I lay in bed, thinking about school, in a few days.All the beautiful girls that were going to be there with fresh delicious blood pulsating throught their vveins. A devious smile sketched its way again across my face as my eyes closed. I thought to myself "Maybe Jersey isn't going to be so bad."

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Chapter Two

All three of us looked at the Kennedy High School. I could feel my face srunch up in discust. The student body flooded the campus of this circus. Jocks, cheerleaders, black kids, white kid, you know the works. I wasn't interested in any of it. There was only one thing, and one thing only that stayed on my mind. Just the fine, blood filled ladies. I looked at Patrick and Bryan who were also smiling at the abundance as two girls walked by. It took all my power not to act on impulse.
"I think I'm gon like it here." Patrick said watching as one of the girls walked by with her friend. She winked at us. No lie, she was pretty. Tall, tanned well, legs, ripe booty, and flowing blood. " What you think she is?" He asked referring to her blood type that was moving as we speak through her veins.
"I don't know. Probably Dustin or Kelly knows." I knew this was going to be fun year for me. I watched all the pretty chicks roam around. I wasn't even paying attention. I was imagine sucking one of these chicks dry. That was until I felt someone knock me down.

It took me a mintue to realize where I was. Who the h.ell comes onto me like that. They would soon get a reality check. Anger rushed into me. No one makes me look like a lil b.itch. I'm f.ucking famous.
"N.igga I outta f.uck your #$@#$#@ up for even breathing my air." I said getting up and wiping my pants off, about to face the dead man that knocked me down. When I turned around my anger calmed but didnt subside. I turned around and looked down but what I saw wasn't a #####,but a girl.
She didn't pay me no mind. She was still on the floor, on her knees steady picking up pater and throwing them back into her binder.

I heard numerious people around us laugh and snicker,but I gave them looks telling them to step up or keeping walking.

"Oh my goodness. I am so so so so sorry. I didn't even see you. God dammit. I'm so clumsy."She was aloud.
I smiled slightly and felt pity for her, so I got down on my knees and helped her with her things. I grabbed a paper that looked like Calculus to me and handed it to her.
"Thank you so much. Oh my God. Once again I'm so sorry.." She put her hair behind her ears and stared at me.

I feel her getting hot with embarressment.All I did was nod.

I studied her features carefully. Starting from top to bottom. She had a dark complextion, big brown eyes, shapely lips, banging figure. I wouldn't hit though. Even though she had on a button down shirt, with dress pants. She was very pretty. Not fine like some of these chicks, but pretty. Not my cup of Joe though. I knew sooner or later me and her blood were going to be very acquainted. It's what I do.

She noticed me staring at her intenetly. She looked extremely neverous and uncomfortable and didn't keep my gaze.
"Well um yeah. Thanks for the help.Bye."

She got up and quickly walked toward the entrance of the school and vanished among the other student body.

"Yo Nell you okay. I thought you were seriously going to kill her right then."
"Nah, she's simple. Easy. Insecure." I smiled. Patrick knew what I was thinking and smiled too.
"Let's go and get this over with." Bryan said as we walked inside the school.

I went to my locker, after my little innodent with that boy. I have never seen him before. He must be new. The way he stared at was wierd. Almost like entrancing. It was wierd.
I looked down at my dirly pants.
"&*$%." I mumbled as I tired to wipe off the dirt.
"Hey." I looked up and saw Gina staring down at me. Unlike me, Gina was a pretty prominet person. Pretty, Light-skinned. She could be a model if she wanted to. Hell she already had a job as one. Me, I was reservative,studious, and dark. Not one boyfried, not one kiss. Gina couldn't how many boyfriends she hads on her fingers and toes. How we were best friends, you got me.

"What's up Gigi." I asked.
"I saw your little accident."
"Awww damn. How bad was it?"
" wait. Yeah, pretty bad."
"Oh God. I'm so clumsy. I had this big #$@#$#@ report do for AP Science,and I was trying to put it together becuase Trey's stupid #$@#$#@ forgot to wake me up on time. Than BOOM! I ran right into him. Didn't even see him."
"The way he was yelling. I thought he was going to jump on you."
"Yeah well thank God he didn't. Lord knows I can't fight for &*$%."
"Stop bringing yourself down girl."

As Gina explained something to me. I saw 'him' coming down the hallway. He was with two other boys he looked nothing like. I don't know he just turned my head. He stared directly at me, and almost instantly I wanted to know about him. He smiled at me,and continued walking.

"Well if that isn't the finest piece of meat I ever laid my eyes on." Gina said licking her lips. I shook my head at her.
"Well if he hates me already. He better take a number."
"Oh girl he don't hate you. He just moved here. He needs about a week before his feelings actually count."
"Oh thanks that made me feel a wholllle lot better, G." I said sarcastically. I slammed my locker shut, and started walking away from her. She caught up fast.
"I was just playing, but seriously it was an accident. Accidents happen."
"In you mind accidnents happen.In my mind he probably thought it was on purpose."
"Your so paranoid. So listen you still coming over my house tonight."
"Yeah Gigi, you know it.Bring the movies."
"Bring the popcorn." I said giving her a dap and going into my first subject AP English.

I got there a little early. So there was free seats. There are cliques inside cliques. See I may be one of the smart people,but there are popular smart people and geeky smart people. I was on the fence. No way was I sitting in the front to catch Ms.Simmons's hot breath so I sat in the back.

One by one, minute by minute the class started filling with AP students. I put my head down on my dest to wait for class to start. As sson as the bell ring and everyone was in there seats a student came in. Well almost everyone was in their seats.

He came in. He never looked up from his scedule. He looked confused and in deep thought.

"Can I help you, son?" Ms. Simmons crossed her arms. He gave her his sceudule."All right then. Class this is Carnell Breeding. He'll be joining our class."
I looked at him. His face didn't show any ounce of nervousness.He just looked so focus.
"Do you want to tell us about yourself, Mr. Breeding."
"No." He looked Ms. Simmons like he owned her.
"All right then. You can take a seat by Miss. Jones in the back. Miss. Jones raise your hand."

I gulped down since my last name was Jones, and the ONLY Jones in this class. I slowly raised my hand.
He smiled and walked to the back of my room my way.
It seemed to all slow down as he walked my way.


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Chapter 3

The way he walked with such poise and confidence. His black PUMA jeans hugged his tampered waiste nicely under the Red polo shirt, and the black North Face backpack that sat on his broad shoulders. My lips instantly became dry, and I could feel my body temperature rise. What was this 'Carnell' doing to me? But what I realized is that it was NOT just ME but the other girls as well.

Out the corner of my eye, all the other girls lick their lips in lust, hunger. He wasn't even paying attention. He just diverted his eyes to the seat the was empty behin me. I was staring a staring contest with myself as I looked at the ugly wooden colored dest. 'Kiymaya and Jorge' was neatly carved in the right corner in a heart on the desk.I traced my finger's along the indent. As he walked by, his colonge danced all around my atmosphere.It wasn't suffocting like most boys, but it smelled expensive and good.

I caught my breath and steadied it. I didn't want him thinking that he had me hyperventalating even though he did.

Throughout the whole class I couldn't concentrate no matter how hard I tried. I could hear him breathing steadily behind me his eyes right on the back of my neck. D.amn. Then something started happening. I don't know. My eyes started to hurt. Then itch, and then water. I think it was his colonge that was still in my presence. I might have been slightly irritated. Okay not really. I carefully rubbed them trying not to draw attention to myself. I guess the Ms. Simmons saw.

"Um Brinae are you alright." Similtaneously about 28 pairs of eyes were looking at my little allergice reation to his perfume.
"I-uh..yeah I'm fine. It's just it's pollen season and yeah..." My sentence trailed off. It was obvious that 'Carnell's' perfume was irritating me. What was he wearing. Poision. The teacher studied me carefully, and turned away to continue her lesson. I sighed as the rest of the students did what they had to do and turn around.

For the rest of the class period I was still irritated. I know by the time I got out my eyes would be burnt out. As soon as that bell sounded off. I was one of the first people out.

Gigi met me at her locker which I had some of my books in."Yo Nae, I have to tell you something and DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!" She said over reacting. I looked into her locker mirror and saw the damage was as bad as it seemed. My eyes were swollen and red, and tear stains were left on my brown skin. "I know! I know!" I said checking my appearance.

"What happend?" She asked me in all concern. As soon as I opened my mouth to answer I saw 'Carnell' walking with two other boys down the hallway. His gaze was directed at me and me alone. S.hit. I look like I've been ballin' my eyes out and he's looking at me with this big stain on my panst. GREAT..JUST F-ING GREAT!! He passed us talking to one of the boys.

"Nothing....I just had an allergice reation to the pollen." Gina back away and gave me one her infamous I don't believe you're telling me the truth looks. "I AM!!" I said turning away from her.
"Well look I got some visine tears in my bag. Take it." She placed it in my hands,and I gave myself a drop in both eyes.
"Anyway now that we took care of you, I got something to tell."
"What Gina?" I said blinking my eyes. I wasn't use to putting drops in my eyes.

"Well we got this new boy in my class. His name is....Patrick Breeding I believe. He is soooo cute. He asked me for my pencil and when I gave it to him he brushed my hand." She squealed through clenched teeth. She sounded like a little girl with a crush."Anyway he asked me if I had any plans for lunch and I told him I was sitting with you. He wants US to sit with him today. Can you believe it? He's got two brother's that go here. A Carnell and Bryan I think. Anyway what do you think?"

"I don't know. I might skip lunch today. I have to go and reprint my science project and report so I don't think I will be able to make it. Give them my apologies though." I said turning away getting trading books.

Gina's mouth dropped and she hit me in the shoulder.

"Ouch! Gina what the--" "You know what I hit you for. You're such a b.itch. How are you going to let me go to lunch with a fine boy, who got a fine brother ,and not bring my bestie? You can't skip out on little itsy bitsy project?" Gina put on her puppy dog face. She was a model so she knew how to do it well. I knew her wayy better then she know herself.

"No Gigi. I worked on this thing for four weeks. I'm turning it" I slammed my locker shut. "I'll see you later though." I said.I felt bad for not being able to have lunch with our new classmates, but I did have other important obligations. Also, I didn't want to be in Carnell's presence. It would have been uncomfortable.

"Whatever party poopin' heifer." She rolled her eyes and walked away.I shook my head and laughed to myself. That girl was crazy. She always wants to party. How she ended up in AP English is a mystery, but she always came out with envious grades.

I hadn't realized I wasn't paying attention until I bumped into someone's chest.It was a hard chest. I grabbed my head at the force of impact. Speaking of the Devil. I looked into Carnell's eyes. Those almond dark brown mysterious eyes. I was lost for words. S.hit here we go again. The colonge started getting to me again.

"I'm sor--"He cut me off."It's okay." He said in a somewhat annoyed tone. I can't help it I'm clusmy.I manuvered my way around him feeling totally embarressed and like and idiot. Also my delicate eyes. I cursed and kicked myself for being such a stupid person in his presence.

"Do you know where this is?" A familiar voice rang through my ears. I looked back up at Carnell and my mouth almost dropped.Is he talking to me? I didn't say anything. I just walked in step with him." Look if you in a rush I could find--" "NO!" I said almost too eaglery not wanting anyone else to get even the slightest bit of attention from him.He looked sort of shocked and confused but that turned into a quiet smirk."I mean 'no'. Um...can I see you sceduele?" He handed my over his paper.

I scanned over it firecly quickly glancing at every class he had. I was sort of taken aback to find out he had all high level placement classes. If they weren't AP they were usually the next best thing. So he was a smarty pants. A fine smarty pants at that. "You're looking for Trig 2J. That's right down the hall Room 181. I guess you could follow me. I have a class round the way." I said handing it back to him and walking away hoping he'd catch the drift and follow too."What class is that?" He said catching up and walking with me.

"Excuse me?" I said sort of shocked that he would still be engaging me in conversation."What class is around mine that you have?""Pyschology with Mr. Tyre." "Oh, my brother Patrick has that class." Then why isn't he walking you to your class? I thought to myself." Then I guess I'll look out for him then." I said smile slightly. He returned the same smile with a hint of wonder in his eyes. Maybe he isn't so bad. Just maybe.


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Chapter 3

I arrived on the bus passing the kids that already got there. Some talking to there friends,some talking on their cell phones, and some just listening to their ipods. I took my seat, alone, near the middle of the long yellow school bus. As I look out the window something happend that I didn't expect. I felt a different presence step onto the bus. Something or someone that didn't belong there. I looked up and saw those same eyes. Those piercing brown eyes staring directly at me. For some reason I felt instantly nervous. I didn't keep his gaze and so I look away as fast as I could.
He chuckled lightly as he passed me, that same sick smell I came to hate passed me along with him. I haven't talked to him since this morning. I don't know why but I was trying to avoid him. Why? You got me. He sat two seats behind me. Next to his brother, Bryan. I think. Patrick, who came onto the bus next, introduced me to him. He looked at me and smiled.
"Hey you." He said coming directly my way. A devious smirk spread across his lips.
"Patrick hello."I said sheepishly. I met him is Pyschology class. He was a unique character. He stood out immediately. All the girls went head over hills for him, but for some reason my gut told me something was different about him. I expected him to walk right past me and sit with his brothers, but he, without hesitation, took the empty spot next to mine.
"What's up?"
"Ahhh same ol' same ol'. So that pysch class today. Whewww." He said taking the back of his hand and wiping across his forehead.
"Yeah.I like it. It's interesting to see how and why people act the way they do. It's fascinating."
"Yo Pat!" We both turned to the direction of the noise. There Carnell was standing erect and he looked angry. I don't know how, but I always looked in his eyes. I was terrified of him and somehow my eyes always found his, but this time there was something different. His eyes quickly flashed a strong yellow flame.

Patrick looked up at Carnell as Carnell gazed at me. I swallowed hard as he continued staring at me and looked away, nearly snapping my neck in the process. By then it was already my stop, I gathered my books, and got off that bus. For some reason Carnell pushed me off that bus just by being there. It was obvious to the ENTIRE human race, Carnell made me uncomfortable.


"Yo, Nae!!" Trey came busting in my room without knocking. Who knows if I could have been naked.
"Treyvon Uylluess Gabriel Jones, are you crazy? You don't just come barging in my room like you own it." Trey's mouth dropped like I just cursed him out.
"Did you just call me by whole name. I know that Brinaeshia Charlese Sabrion Demetria Jones did not just call me out by my name." He poked my in my head as he called out my whole name. He was provoking me up to my limit. It did not take much to rattle my nerves, and Trey was the only one who could hit the right one the first time.
"Trey, what do you want?"I asked taking off my glasses and throwing them on the wooden desk that sat before me.
"Mama, wants us to bring some cookies to them new neighboors down the street." "Man I'm busy, can't you take Ja'byrah?" I asked referring to my older sister.
"Man you know that her Haitan behind can't sit still for more than twenty minutes."
"We're all Haitain. Why can't you just take the cookies by yourself."
"Mama said so.Now get your up and help me." He grabbed my arm pulling me up straight out my seat.
I hated the fact that Trey was my older brother. Thing the thing that irked me the most was that he was about three minutes older than me and he acts like he's three years older than me.

"Mama, where the cookies at?"Were the first words to escape my lips as I entered the kitchen which smelled of rich chocolate chip cookies.

"They're right here, Brinae. Calm down." She said placing a plate of cookies in my hand, with some plastic wrap over it.

"Trey, come on big head." I said wacking him on the back of his head as I walked out the door.

As we walk down the street, all Trey did was complain. Complain how he wanted to eat the cookies, complain how his feet hurt. He just made me sick. By the time we reached the door he was mumbling on how the new neighboors didn't deserve mama's good cooking.

I rolled my eyes hoping these people would come to the door soon. As soon as the door knob turned, the person who was on the other side of the door almost made me dizzy.


He was my new neighbor?



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Chapter 5

Carnell is my neighbor? I think my heart skipped three beats. How could this have happened? I stressed my mind out over and over trying to figure out how he could have been living right down the block. How long? Come to think of it..I have been killing myself over that stupid report I haven't known much of my surroundings and when I got off the bus, I went straight in house.

"Yes?" Carnell voice sounded slightly amused and annoyed at my lost ness. I felt like a complete alien in his presence. I opened my mouth only to have incomplete words flow from them. Trey had to take over because I was still flabbergasted. Carnell was my neighbor? Was the only sentence I was trying to get through my think brainstem. As much as I could say it. I didn't accept it or believe it.

"Yeah we um ya' neighbor's Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Trey and this is Brinae and our family would like to welcome you to the town. My mother made these for your family." Trey snapped me out of my daze. One by sounding completely rude and uneducated in edicit. He made it obvious that he didn't like Carnell and he didn't want to be at his doorstep. Trey wasted no time extending his arm with the quickness to get rid of the brownies that he thought he himself so rightly deserved to eat. Carnell had no problem taking them. Carnell looked at me, probably wondering when I was going to offer my plate, but he didn't look at all interested.

I realized that is one thing I didn't really like about him. He was calm. Too calm.

Trey nudged me with his hand roughly. I could be wrong but I thought I saw Carnell flash him a dirty look but that was subsided by once again focusing on me.

"What the hell are you, Nae? A mute. Give him the damn brownies so I could go." He said roughly. What a way to impress the neighbors. By having them thinking your a twin abuser.

"Here." I said barely above a whisper. Mostly because Trey was sooo embarrassing I didn't want to be here that long anyway. Carnell rolled his eyes and took the brownies.

"Carnell who is at the do---Oh hello!! Who's this?" A woman in about her forties answered the door. Her hair was placed under a dark blue bandana and she was wearing a gray sweat suit. Even though she wasn't dressy, this woman was very pretty. This was probably Carnell's mother. Mostly because they looked alike. The same caramel tone skin. The same shaped eyes. I don't see how Bryan and Patrick ended up so yellow.

"Some people from the town." He said nonchalantly. Carnell had one hand on the other side of the door looking like he was about to close it dead in our faces.

"What's that?" The woman nodded her head in the way of the two plates that lay in Carnell's left arm. Speaking of arms. The muscle tee he had changed into fell onto his shoulder so nice. A tattoo of something I really didn't make out was on his arm too. I didn't look at him long. I definitively didn't want him thinking I was interested in his goodies. Which I wasn't.


"Did you say thank you?" Watching this motherly figure tame this boy of such low manners and emotions seemed to make Carnell's skin crawl. I wanted to laugh in his face finally seeing him show submission and respect to a woman that was way shorter than him.

"Yes Ma." Carnell sounded very irked, and I was glad.

"Please excuse Carnell's manners. He is so pigheaded. He gets it from his father. Hello, I'm Adrian Breeding." She extended her arm to use. Me and Trey took turns shaking it and giving her our names.

"Wow Brinae that's a pretty name." She said very politely after I told her mine."Thank you Mrs. Breeding."

She scoffed.

"Honey please call me Ms. Adrian. NEVER in your life call me Mrs. Breeding. That is my mother in laws name. Heaven knows I am NOT like that woman."

Small giggles escaped my mouth. I don't think she knew her engaging me in conversation that se was revealing bits of pieces of personal information about herself and her family. Carnell shot me a death stare and that quickly silenced me. I immediately got the picture. He wanted us off his property and not talking to his mother.

"Well um it was nice to me you Ms. Adrian, but me and my brother have to go."

"Oh stop by anytime you want to baby." Carnell diverted his eyes to his mother. I could have sworn he almost broke his neck by how fast he turned. His eyes got so big. He looked so taken aback like his own mother betray him.

"Okay thank you." I said waving as I was stepping off her steps. As soon as my foot hit the last step a vicious slam of the Breeding door caused me to jump. That was personal.

"What's ole dude's problem?" Trey asked not taking his eyes off his phone.

"I don't know. What do I look like his damn conscious? Why don't you go ask him what his problem is. Jerk." I said aloud half talking to myself and half talking to Trey. Truth was..I was thinking. Thinking about Carnell.

What was he so angry about?


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Chapter 6

Carnell POV

I opened my window as silent without disturbing the midnight air. I lifted one foot after another into my room. Like I didn't even leave. I smiled at tonight's activities. My fangs danced with satisfaction at the memories, the struggle. I licked my lips and smiled to myself. That wasn't the only gift I got tonight. My teenage side was also happy too. Guiding the young sex craved hormones that deserved to put to rest tonight.

I didn't even bother to turn on the light. I went straight into the bathroom and flicked the light into the 'On' position. "Damn." I said examining myself in the mirror. I need to learn how to control my intake. Once again, blotches of female blood stained my new blue tee shirt. I always got carried away. I removed the shirt from around my body and disintegrated it right in my fingertips. Ashes floated away, and smirked.

I turned off the light and walked out my bathroom. Once back in my room and with the lights on, I rummaged through my top drawer for a plain white tee to sleep in. I stopped what I was doing. The thought that keep reappearing in and out my head all night was one person. Brinae. I cursed myself out once again for letting some random girl take over my concentration. She was one of the reasons I got sloppy. I couldn't concentrate. Her image kept blinding me from the real goal. To get the goods and get out.

Quickly making up some excuse to think about her, I imagined myself hurting her. She was virgin no lie. I could tell by the way she walked. Uptight and untouched. Flashes of myself throwing her small frame around the room by her hair got the best of me. Me pushing her against the wall giving her her first taste of @@@@ as I sunk my teeth deep into the core of her neck as she tried to breathe. Slowly and slowly her heartbeat would slow down and eventually freeze. She would die of shock and blood loss, and be free of me. My whole body itched at the thought. It seemed un unusually cruel for my nature, but I can't go nowhere but up.

I threw the tee shirt over my head, and laughed.

"Had fun?" I quickly got defensive and scared at the manly voice that in my room. I turned around and saw Dustin sitting on the edge of my bed looking pissed.
"Man get out of here with Dustin." I said turning away from him removing my chain and earring.
"What did I tell you about doing the sneaking around s.hit, Carnell?"I shrugged my shoulders. His badgering was something I couldn't get use to. "I had an itch so I scratched it." "I didn't ask you that." His voice rose a slight higher octave than he had before."You' re not Dad." I said nonchalantly. I knew that would get to him Dustin wanted to be twice the vampire my father was. Dad didn't see it or him because he saw me. He saw the I had the potential the rest of my brothers including Dustin didn't have. He knew I was more powerful than him, if I got mad enough. But Dad is gone and Dustin is next is line to teach the rest of us even though I was untamable, we were still brothers, and Dustin still had his duty. It would have been what Dad wanted.

"I'm not trying to be Dad. I'm trying to look for you.You know you're lucky it was me because Mama wouldn't not be having that. Half vampire or not Mama would whip your #$@#$#@." I shrugged him off. "Later for that Dustin. Get the hell out of here." "Who you think you're talking to boy? Don't forget I have more experience than you do. You don't know how to harness you're power like I do. I know how to control my urges both ways. Not like you." I grew angrier at his words."Is that a challenge Dustin?" I could feel the blood boil in my veins. I got in his face as he got in mine."Don't push it, Nell. You won't win." That was the last words he said before my fist connected with his jaw.


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Chapter 6

Brinae POV

I sat passively at my desk playing with my fingers. The clock sat ticking about the door. I can't believe I did this. I checked my outfit once more. It consisted of black skinny jeans, a, cold shoulder AppleBottoms shirt and knee high boots. It was a little out of my style range but Gina insisted on it. "It would definitely make you eyes pop." Oh please. I felt like a complete fool. I only did this for one reason. I didn't want Carnell to completely hate me. I wanted him to talk and engage me in conversation. Even if he didn't talk to me, I wanted him to look at my body hugging outfit. Just then I felt like an idiot. Carnell wasn't even on the bus this morning. So now I had to go trough the day looking fresh and all the wrong people looking at me.

I slammed my head against the desk into a dark oblivion. I don't no how long I stayed in that position, but the thing that snapped me out of my daze was a tap on my shoulder. Slowly, but breathlessly I turned around to be greeted by Carnell's tired eyes. I noticed that under his right eye lay a dark purple spot and blemished his flawless smooth skin. I instantly hated the person that put the black eye there.

"Yes?" I asked keeping a pissed face at him."I- uh- dropped my pen under you desk." Was all he said as he played with his fingers. His eyes diverted from him playing with his fingers, to me, than back down to his intertwined fingers. He looked so innocent, so alone. I vexed me that he was cruel, by now he looked like a child.

I smiled politely and bent over the side of my desk in search of his pen. I could faintly feel his perplexed stare on the back of my head. I felt uncomfortable but pushed the thought back into my mind as I looked for Carnell's pen. There right by my foot lay a green pen that didn't belong there. I picked it up. I turned around to find Carnell staring right at me. Not wanting to meet his gaze anymore I dropped the pen in his hand and turned back around to my previous position. Great, now Carnell is here and he might like my outfit, and I don't know what to say.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My fresh manicured nails dug into his sweat leaked back. He grunted in my ear as he pumped vigorously harder inside me.

"Ahhhhhh Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" I moaned into his ear.He straddle ontop of me going slower as my climax got closer and closer. I couldn't control my high pitched moans that fell off my lips. "You like that, babygirl? Huh!? Do you like this?" All I could was nod. The pleasure he was pouring into my body was reaching his max. I never had a feeling like this. For some reason my inaudible answer didn't fit him like he liked it. "Uhuh, none of that s.hit when I ask you a question. Answer me with words." He said as he just pumped harder making it almost impossible for me to answer Carnell. "Do you like this, Briane?" "Y-y-yes, so so so so much, Carnell. Soooo much." He smiled at my answer and continued to bring my climax closer to me. Then something happened. His eyes flashed this bright, blinding yellow and he smirked. These two big teeth protruded from his soft lips. What was going on? Out of nowhere he leaned down, he looked like he was going to kiss me. Instead he sunk his teeth into my neck.

I jumped out of my slumber. Breathing heavy and nearly fearing for my life. I looked around examining my surroundings. I realized I was still in first period. The bell was ringing and students started flowing out of the room. Carnell was still lingering. I had to catch up to him. I removed a piece of hair from lip, and put my books away. I can't believe I was that tired as to fall asleep.

I rushed out of the class room like a bat out of hell. I needed to find Carnell. Even though I knew I was probably the last person he wanted to see, but something in me wouldn't let him have his way. I saw the back of his black skully hoodie. I pushed through the crowd of Kennedy students, bumping into some and saying sorry to others.

When I finally got to him, I don't know what got over me but I grabbed his shoulder. He turned around simultaneously turned around with ...If you touch me again..I'll kill you look. Even with the black eye I got the picture. I opened my mouth and tried to speak, but his irate expression left me speechless. He smacked his lips and walked down the hallway. As pigheaded as this sounds, I went after him.

"Carnell." Was all I said as I caught up to him. He seemed to walk straight as I weave and wove around people.He looked me still with same expression. He stopped and turned to me looking directly in my eyes."What happen to your eye?" "That's none of your business." "I'm sorry, I'm just trying to friend--" "Don't be." He cut me off and walked down the hallway. How can he be so poised. "You know he doesn't mean to blow you off like that." Patrick showed up adjacent next to me. "I bet to differ." I started walking down the hallway and Patrick followed."Nah, it's just that he's a tough nut to crack, but once you do he's soft as jell-o." "Why is he so angry?" I asked as we reached Psych class." He wasn't always like that. It's just he's different. My dad was the only one who really understood him, but he passed a few years back. It's been a lot harder on him than the rest of us."I gave him a truly sincere look. " I knew what it was like to lose a father. The emptiness was irreplaceable. "I'm sorry, Patrick." He smiled at me."It's okay, but don't let the Carnell think eat you up.He likes you." I was about to ask what he was talking about until Mrs. Tyre told us to quiet down so she can start class. D.amn now I wont be able to concentrate at all today.

Carnell likes me?

He couldn't.....Could he?

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Chapter 7

I dropped my backpack right at the entrance of the door. I knew my mama would jump on my back later for it. As I tiredly walked into the living room my stomach turned. "Eww, get a room why don't you." I said as I rolled my eyes at repugnant sight that lay before me. Both of them jumped out like they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Shirley Bronson, the girl my bother kicked me out of his car to give her rides to and from school and forced me to take the bus, was located right alongside my brother downing each other's tongue. I walked past the couch into the kitchen. I bent down into the fridge and fetched me a Sprite. As Trey came swung open the kitchen door, I opened the can.

"Hey sis." Trey came into the kitchen wiping his lips of unwanted lipstick, but you could still see the faint 'Exotic Cherry Red' lipstick on his lips I wanted to laugh at how stupid he looked but I was too tired, and my thoughts were else where.He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my cheek. I scrunched my face and began wiping off my face with such force."TREYVON ULLYESS GABRIEL JONES!! I KNOW YOU DID NOT JUST KISS MY CHEEK AFTER KISSING SHIRLEY!! EWWW GET IT OFF MY FACE!! GET IT OFF MY FACE!!" Trey just sat back and laughed."Chill out Brinae you act like it's a disease or something. I winced at him and punched him right in his chest. "Damn Nae." "DON'T NAE ME!! I DON"T WHERE YOU LIPS HAVE BEEN ON THAT !(@)$#*$*@)#@$@#$)#@%((#!!" Speaking of !(@)$#*$*@)#@$@#$)#@%((# she came prancing in here thinking that she's the stuff. It's not like I don't like Shirley it's just I don't like her with my brother. Her brother, Tariq is some 'business' and I don't want my brother in that kind of world. Not even associated with it.

"Well hello to you, b.itch." Shirley smirked as she just invited herself to go into my fridge and get herself a soda. "Yeah well, you need your STD behind out my house, and stop trying to have my brother making little Shirley sluts on my sofa." Her mouth dropped and it was my turn to smile as I took a sip of my soda.

"Whatever tramp." She countered rolling her eyes. "W.hore." "H.oe." "S.lut" "B.itch." "Trick." "Skank." "Bite Me." "Suck Me." "Lick me." "Eat me." "F.uck you!!" " Trey hit this better." She said slapping whatever she thought she had. "You know what? I'm sick of you disrespecting--" I said putting my finger in her face but before I got to finish Trey pulled me away. He just lifted me up with ease and put me behind him."You know what that's enough. Brinae I need to talk to you." I smacked my lips and walked out the kitchen." I don't feel like talking right now. I'm tired." I said walking up the stairs. Truth is, I really never would start with Shirley. I would just ignore her and her arrogance and go on with my life. It's just today is catching up with me and I'm taking my anger out on the wrong people."Later then?" Trey called up the stairs after me. I nodded and headed down the hall to my room.

I opened my room. It was fluttered with purple. I don't know why I chose this color. Purple to me was for insecure people who couldn't decide weather they were a girly girl or hard rocker so they settled for the middle. Really the color purple was kind of a mask, people couldn't judge you on what kind of person you were. Purple left you as a mystery. I guess that's what I was. A mystery. I didn't want to be one. I wanted to be someone. I sighed and jumped into bed. As soon as my hair hit the pillow, Carnell came flashing into my mind. Deep down he was the reason for my mood. He was just so angry about something. I wanted to take that anger away from him. I wanted to be the person he came to when he wanted to vent his anger. I just wanted to be his friend. Why? He was just so hostile toward me, but I just think he want attention. He needed it. Apparently someone gave him some attention when they gave him a black eye. Anger boiled in me, as tears leaked from my hurt eyes. I was hurt. Hurt by a boy I hardly knew and who wanted nothing to do with me. I punched my pillow in frustration.

"Dang, what's wrong with you?" Trey stood in my door step with his arms across his chest. I wiped the tears away with my fingers. "Why don't you ever knock, Trey?" I turned my head away hopefully he didn't see my crying. Cause if he did, I would never hear the end of it until he found what I was crying for. It's a twin thing. As many times as we spent at each other's throat, many more times were spent consoling each other. Like I said.... it's a twin thing. "I don't knock because your door was cracked and I heard you like moaning slash yelling slash crying.Then i saw you punch the pillow like it did something wrong."
I half laughed slashed cried. Trey kind of always knew the words to say to make me smile. Even if it was corny it at least got a smirk of my face. "People tend to take their anger out on pillows sometimes, Trey, and I'm people too is that okay with you?" He put up his hands in defeat. "Okay..okay my bad shawty, but why you crying?" He said finally entering my room all the way. "I'm not crying.Mind your own business you doo-doo head. " Trey sat on the other side of my bed and took a heart shaped pillow , placing it on his lap and hugging it. "Yes you are crying. What's that pig water stain on your pillow Nae?" "It's nothing that concerns you." I snapped back at him. "Well it does if someone made you cry. Then I'm going to have to kill a n.igga." "You're so silly Trey,but it's nothing. I'm fine, but thank you." I sat up and gave him a sisterly hug.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I didn't even bother trying to get dressed the next day. There was no point. Carnell made it perfectly clear what he thought about it me through his actions and not words. I got the point and decided to leave him alone for awhile. It would be better for both of us. So not trying to impress anyone, I wore a simple Coogie™ sweat jacket with matching pants and some NIKE™ dunks that Gina helped me pick out. I just stuck these in the back of my closet for a rainy day and hell my life is as rainy as it gets.

Carnell didn't even show up for first period. Honestly, I wasn't looking for his stubborn, rude, senseless, butt. I just wanted to get through the day without feeling like a complete wash out.

First period was kind of a blur, I just wrote down what I saw on the board and doodled on the corner of my paper.

When the bell rang, I sauntered. I decided not to rush out the classroom. It wasn't important to me today. I kept my head down. Why because of Carnell? I wasn't really paying attention until someone bumped me right down to the floor.
"What the!!--" I yelled as my binder slid across the hallway and knocked me on my #$@#$#@. "YOU!!" Carnell's eyes flashed pure anger and pure hate. I thought he was going once again kill me like he did three days ago."I-I-I'm sorry." I stuttered sitting up. I tried to help him up."FORGET IT!!!" He roared and stammered up and walked down the hallway. Fearful stares following behind him, including mine.

I looked down at the floor, feeling myself almost crying. Then I noticed an Sidekick LX sitting on the floor. I picked it up and noticed that Carnell's picture lay on the other side it, but this is when he was younger. I could tell it was him. Nothing could read Carnell more than his eyes. I looked down the hallway and he was gone. Great now I might have to return it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I stood outside the Breeding household once again, but this time I stood alone. No Trey and plate of goodies.
I was shaking as I thought was of the tone of voice Carnell with used with me today. It almost made me want to drop the phone on his porch, ring the doorbell and run away. Surprisingly, I wanted to give it back personally. At least show him I'm not an a complete nuisance in his life.

I held Carnell's phone in one hand and rubbing my arm with the other. I rang the doorbell, ready to run if no one answered but sadly enough someone did. Patrick answered the door."Oh hey Brinae.What are you doing here." "Well we can save that for later. Are you going to invite me in or just leave me out here." "Oh my bad." He opened the door wider and allowed me to go in. I walked into the house.It was neat and clean in the hallway, but once I reached the living room it looked like a tornado stormed through it. Two older boys I didn't recognize sat in the living room. They stared at me and I stared back."Brinae these are my brothers Kelly and Dustin. The one with the braids is Kelly and the one with dried up hair-gel that looks the dandruff is Dustin. I silently snickered and Dustin shot Patrick a look."So what are you really here for?" I don't know how what came out of my mouth actually did but it I said."I'm here to speak to Carnell. I have something of his."Just on cue Carnell came down the stairs cursing loudly."Have any of you seen my f.ucking phone. I can't fine my s.hit. I'm seriously about to knock someone the f.uck out if this is a joke and what is she doing here?" Is how his sentence finished as he looked at me as if I was the abomination in which he wanted to destroy."Damn Carnell why you got to be so rude. You nearly destroyed her in the hallway." Carnell was taken aback."SHE RAN INTO ME OKAY?! MAYBE IF HER COCKED EYED SELF WOULD WATCH HER STEP--" He instantly went to far. A shockwave went through the arm the contained his phone and I threw it at his head."HERE YOU EGOTISTIC A.SSHOLE!! YOU DROPPED WHEN I RAN INTO YOU AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I RETURNED IT. JUST BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT PROBLEMS DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN TAKE IT OUT ON PEOPLE AT LEAST TRYING TO SHOW YOU SOME ATTENTION!! ALL YOU ARE IS RUDE AND MEAN AND SELF ABSORBED, BIPOLAR, AND REPULSIVE!! ALL I TRY TO DO IS BE NICE TO YOU, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I'M DONE IWTH YOU!! GOOD-BYE!. Thank you Patrick. I'll talk to you tommorrow or something." By the time I was done yelling, hot tears were already forming in my eyes. I can't help it that when I got mad I cried. I shook my head and utter disbelief. All I remember is that I left Carnell rubbing the red spot where the phone hit his forehead. He was confused and shocked. Patrick just stared intently with mouth hanging agape. I ran down the street.

That was the last straw for Carnell Breeding.


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Chapter 8 pt.I

Brinae POV
"HE SAID WHAT?!!! THEN YOU DID WHAT!!?" Gina yelled on the other end of the phone. It was crazy how we were over the phone and she sounded as if she were standing right next to me. "Bascially he made fun of a disablilty and I lost it." I said to her almost hurt. I couldn't help it. Catoracts left me partically blind in one eye. So it made it seem that I was well...))((!@ eyed. Our insurance wouldn't cover the surgery so basically I'm stuck. "Isn't that a %^&**.You want me to call him?" I scoffed. "No, the last thing I want is my best friend being charged with assault and battery." "Well then. Next time I see Mr. Carnell his #$@#$#@ is going to be a track star because once he see Gina coming he better run. He don't know me. I'm with the NFL. Niggas For Life meaning you mess with one of us you mess with all of us and the kitten caboodle." I was literally rolling with tears. This girl was going on and on. She lifted my spirits tremendously." Nae, I know you aren't laughing. This isn't a joking matter." "Well you just too funny." "Watch me come over there and beat your Then we'll see what's funny." I could feel her breaking into small bits of laughter.This is why she is my best friend.

Carnell POV

I don't know. For some reason after Brinae left I felt weird. It was this strange feeling that I did something wrong to her and now I had to apologize, but that wasn't happening today or the days that come to follow. I hated her. I've never hated someone so much before. I wanted her dead. I was laying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I was trying to think. Think of what her blood type was. I needed her out of my life immediately. I furrowed my eyebrows knowing that my powers were too immature and I needed to go ask help from Dustin. I cursed myself out. I haven't talked to Dustin since the incident and I didn't want to talk to him now. Really right now was a main priority. I needed to get that b.itch out my head and my life so I can go back to living care free.

I swung my legs over my king sized bed and looked around trying to decide what to do. Boxes and boxes still stood around since the move. I really didn't feel like unpacking so I just left my room and went down the hall to Dustin's. When I got there I just stood and waited at his door. I don't know why I waited. I waited because I didn't want to ask him for help. I just wanted her dead and for some reason that was wrong. I slowly lifted him fist to the door about to knock, but before I did.

"Come in." Dustin said on the other side. I took a deep breath in and out and opened the door. Dustin was in there hooking up his damn computer. "What can I do for you, Nell?" I sat on his bed and shrugged.

"You know that girl that was hear earlier today?" He looked at me and furrowed his brow. How could he forget. She went off on me in my own d.amn house. She needed to pay for that. She doesn't know who's she messing with. He went back to his computer."You know you're going to have to apologize." "For what? I didn't do anything." Dustin gave me a twisted looked of disbelief. " What do want? I'm kind of busy."
"I need to know her blood type." Once again Dustin stopped and gave me a look of shock. Then he just smirked."What the f.uck you smirking for. What's her blood type?" I said raising my voice. I was getting pissed off. "I wish I could help you Carnell. I know it." I stood up completely angry. "WHAT YOU MEAN YOU DON'T KNOW IT?! DON'T GIVE ME THAT BULL S.HIT!!!! YOU ALWAYS KNOW!!" I was breathing heavily.
"Why do you want it anyway?" "That's none of your d.amn business." I said through clenched teeth and fist. "Well then I can't help you. Get out." Dustin said nonchalantly and turned his back. "I want her dead, Dustin." Dustin stopped in his track and turned around completely off guard. "Carnell, you know that against--" "I DON'T GIVE A D.AMN!! I JUST WANT HER DEAD!! SHE'S INTERFERRING WITH MY LIFE!!" Dustin chuckled.
"Now I really can't help you. All those times I told you a girl's blood type was when you needed. I'm not going to tell her blood type so you can just kill her.That's murder." "WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER TIMES!? HUH?" "Carnell that was to feed us. Don't you see? There is a difference between feeding and killing. I'm not going to help you kill her." " You idiot. I just wanted to know her blood type. I was going to kill her nevertheless, but if you not going to help me so be it. I don't need you or your f.ucking help." I said disgusted and walked away.


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Chapter 8 redo...

Brinae POV

I bought my knees closer and closer to my chest. The mellow sounds of Keyshia Cole singing on her infamous songs flowed through my speakers of my radio. Although the music was loud enough, it still didn't drown out the sounds of my mother and Trey fighting one flight below. Tears escaped my crimson eyes and onto my maroon cheeks. I hated it when they fought over stupid stuff. The only difference was this time Trey was thrown into jail for whatever reason, and the bail money used was suppose to be for my corrective lense surgery.

"I'M SICK AND TIRED OF YOU BULL S.HIT TREY!! YOU DO THIS ALL THE TIME!! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LEARN YOUR LESSON?!!" My mother yelled angrily, but I could tell she was truly hurt. This was to be a chance of a lifetime for me."Mama, I'm sorry.I'll pay you back." Trey said repeating the same ol' lines we both heard a million times before. Undoubtedly, he would do something again the future.
"What about your sister? Because of your foolish mistake you sister won't be able to get the chance she so rightly deserves because you want to be a lil' gangster? How f.ucked up are you in the head boy? I am a Christian woman and you are so close to making me sin up and down your" There was a slight pause."Mama I said I was sor--" "Don't apologize to me....go apologize to Brinaeshia." Again there was another long pause then followed by a loud slam of the front door. How could he? How could he do something like this to me and not even have the balls to come up and say sorry. I'm his twin sister for heaven's sake.
As more tears began to fall, I wiped them away, but they just kept falling. I started wheezing and got really hot. It came to my attention that I couldn't breathe. My air felt restricted. I needed to get out of this house. At least for a little while.

Carnell POV

\J. Holiday filled the empty sounds in my room as I stood shirtless in front of the mirror. I smiled. Of course I would a reason to. I was the center craving of every girl's desire. I was flawless, but then again a dark purple spot from where Brinae threw my phone lay above my right eye. She was definitely going to suffer. She really did not know the force and danger she was dealing with, and I was going to show her.

A cool sharp breeze wisked into my room, and I shivered. As much as it felt good, it felt cold at the same time. I wanted to be comfortable. I deserved to be. As I walked to window, something told me to look out. As I stuck my head out the window I spotted Brinae's blue house. It sat almost near the end of the street, almost perfectly. A silver BMW that probably belonged to her parents sat in the driveway. My attention quickly turned away from that, to a small framed figure walking down this way. I saw that same small coco-shape was Brinae. This would be my chance. It was dark, late, and she was alone. I smiled inconsciously to my attention. I turned away from my window after I closed and grabbed my gray zip up hoodie, after grabbing my keys off my dresser I went to Dustin's room.

"Dustin, I'm going out." I said looking into his room. Dustin, as usual, was steady fixing his hair with some expensive gel in the mirror. Obviously he was going out to, for a different reason, but with the same outcome.
"I know......You're making a mistake, Nell." I scoffed.
"What do you know?" I walked away without looking back. This was my time I wasn't going to let Dustin piss me off tonight. I had a misson.

Brinae POV

I walked as the cool brisk fall air dried my tears, but it stung my face. Stupid me only decided to wear a long sleeve shirt and leave. I just had to get out that fast. There was a park about three blocks away from here. I use to go there as a child and play. Me and Gina still go there too, but now I'm just going to find some peace and serentiy. I felt this negative feeling in the pit of my gut. Like little butterflies that were jumping out and about in my stomach. It was the feeling being follow. I turned around and saw nothing, but streetlight after streetlight.

I continued to walk until I saw the faint figure of a red slide, and the whole kitten caboodle. I walked until I reached the actual playground. I didn't know what I wanted to do so I just sat down the stairs. I looked around and saw how really alone I was. I just exploded in hysterics. Just when I thought I couldn't get any more depressed. I sat there and cried like a child that lost its parents and couldn't find there way home. I buried my head in knees and pulled them closer my chest.I missed my dad. H was the only one who understood me, and didn't judge me no matter what.

For some reason I felt that someone was near me so I peaked up and saw a tall figure as I worked my up from the Kid Robot jeans to the gray sweater, up to his strong chin, to those perfect shaped, soft looking lips, to those deep brown eyes, the only words I could muster up to say as I wiped my eyes.

"Carnell?" I didn't want him to see my cry. I didn't want him thinking I was weak especially after my little escapade, and besides...I really was weak."What are you doing here?"
He smiled and took it upon myself to sit right beside me.
"I was just in the neighboorhood chillin' but what's more or less...important is what are you doing out here so late?" He may have sounded like he cared, but his eyes told me didn't and obviously he didn't. "What do you care you hate me..." I barely got out. I just wiped some more tears away, and put my chin on the top of my knees. "Hmm" Was the only thing he said as he took out a small rolled up piece of paper. Obviously a blunt. If I wasn't so sad, I would have thrown a fit.
"You don't mind if I light this right?" It was more like a.' You can so no, but I'm going to smoke this good s.hit anyways.'
"No, I don't care." I didn't look at him as he lit the thing. I was no doubtedly turned off my the smell of it.

"So why you crying?" He asked me as he blew out the smoke into the night air."It doesn't matter. Nothing does anymore." I really had to be out my mind depressed to be the carefree.

Carnell POV

I looked at the side of her face as small water droplets made there way down her face. She looked straight ahead into the darkness. "Wow, spoken from you...that's a surprise." I said unbelievingly. I guess I must've said something because she started crying heavily again. I sighed, and threw out the blunt. I didn't even like getting hight right now. Not with her, or around her. What was she doing to me. "Look, I didn't mean to make you upset or anything."
"It's whatever. I know you don't care."She was as cold as she wanted to be, but as much as I wanted to say she was right. Seeing her like this just made me want to take her in my arms and hold her and comfort her. I don't know why I was feeling this way. It wasn't suppose to happen this way. She was suppose to be dead by now. "Look...Brinae--" I said trying to say something. Right then she cut me off and started yelling and crying."DON'T YOU LOOK BRINAE ME OKAY?! I HAVE ENOUGHT PROBLEMS AND BULL S.HIT GOING ON WITHOUT YOU! YOU! CARNELL, ARE JUST MAKIG MY LIFE WORSE!! I CAN'T STAND YOU!! " Every word escaping her mouth was just as hurtful to me as the next. Here I was showing some sympathetic emotion toward a female, and there she was. Manipulating my feelings so fast and changing. It made me angry, and right when she got me, she starts yelling at me. I could feeling the anger boil within my veins. How dare she shoot me down like that. I stood up with clenched fists trying to calm myself down,but it wasn't working. No girl has ever made me put my hands on them like this. Brinae Jones would be first. I regretted the first thing I was about to do, but not the rest she was going to die.
Right when I was about to reach up and punch her in her face, something ironic happened. Somewhere off in the distance gunshots went, and simultaneously sent Brinae into my arms fearing her life. The only sounds of multiple gunshots off in the distance was Brinae screaming. She literally got me to the ground. I was so taken off guard that I didn't realized what happened right away. When I did, I was looking up at the stars. I looked down at her catching my breath just to her face buried in the chest and her hands clinging to my hoodie. She was shaking uncontrollably, and crying. I sat up slowly, trying to clear my head, as I looked down at her. Hesitantly and slowly, I wrapped my arms around her body, shielding her from whatever she was afraid of. Maybe if I do this now, she won't suffer. While she was still in her previous postion, I let out my fangs. I had to do this. It was the only way to set my soul to rest. I could feel the blood pulsating with hear through her veins. I slowly and quietly lowered my head to the nape of her neck. My fangs started to tickle as I went in for the kill, but right when I was about to sink my teeth into her sweaty, soft flesh, she whispered.
"I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry." I backed away quickly, and retracted my fangs. She was sorry? For what exactly? I looked down at her, lost for words. Still clinging onto my sweater, she looked up at me."I'm sorry, Carnell." She whispered. I cocked my head to the side, still not knowing what to say to this girl. My heartbeat quickened. I always know what to say. "I'm sorry for intruding on your life. I didn't mean to. I..I..I.I.I--" She stuttered, but I cut her off."It's okay.........Let me take you home." She looked at me for a second, right in my eyes. I felt so caught up, that I thought I would actually pour out my heart to her. I broke the gaze, feeling ashamed, and guilty. I helped her off the wood chipped ground, and began wiping my pants off of unwanted debris. I looked down at my hoodie and saw a big wet stain on where Brinae's tears must've landed. I stared it at it hard. This girl had a lot of sadness built up in her. I guess she saw me staring at it a little too hard." I'm sorry about your hoodie." I looked up at her and mustered the best and softest smile I could." It's okay. Let's go."I said as I threw my arm over her shoulder. Truth is it wasn't okay. I just let the girl who I hated the most leave this park alive...with me and my arm draped around her shoulder. What is happening to me?


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DO NOT FORGET ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEE bounce confused affraid lol! afro Evil or Very Mad


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IN MY MIND 1-8.2 POSTED Empty wow

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THis is a clean ass story girl u need to bump dis up ASAP

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wow it's been a good minute. I know I haven't been on alot. I just just got off my three month punishment so I think I should be on a little bit more nowadays Please read this storie. I just need you to read it...lolkk

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